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The path to paradise is just beyond the horizon.
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PostSubject: Plot - READ BEFORE MAKING CC!   Wed Feb 18, 2009 4:50 pm

Story plot has been moved here so CCs can be created with the knowledge of the plot.
Perisha was once a huge continent filled with many cities and millions of people. The land was full of life, and the seas around it were as calm as it ever could be.
Until one day 10 years ago, a dark storm had appeared over the land and caused natural disasters to occur. In one day, the land had sunk under the ocean, which consumed the world, and mysterious towers began to appear all over the sea. Survivors have managed to live above the ocean on top of these huge towers. They believed the towers were connected to the incident, and were then called The Towers of Perisha.

Not long after the populations began to grow again and cities were formed, but there were problems.

The only ways to travel between towers was either going by dragons. Once wild, now domesticated, they are used to travel, the largest of dragons used as carriers for many passengers. Smaller ones bred in dragon ranches for personal uses.
Those who wanted to travel by sea took the risk of being attacked by sea-based monsters, but it doesn't mean that those who travel throughout the sky are safe.
Sky pirates are known to attack ships, and Lifwen Bilrir, the most brutal sky pirate of the sky, has been attacking many ships recently, and he seems to be searching for something.

Theisala, the larges tower in all Perisha. It's government is corrupt due to Lady Yulia Campbell. A beautiful yet materialistic woman who loves nothing but jewels, power, and watching others in pain. No one within the government is brave enough to turn against her because of her power, and this is why nothing has been done to help some of the poorer merchants.

Caves that were on the surface on the towers lead down to the inside it, most usually filled with monsters within. Some monsters tend to come out and attack any villages or cities near the caves. This is where slayers come to hand. Most slayers are called in to go into the caves and slay these monsters to keep them from constantly attacking.

Cities have grown and have traded ever since. No one has ever lurked deep within the towers, and soon... Brave adventurers will learn more about these towers, the incident ten years ago, and their destiny. The mystery shall lead them towards the horizon, where Paradise will be.

The Towers Of Perisha:

Moltar: The birthplace of the most famous of slayers, but is also $known for their alcoholic beverages and fireworks. Their government has made this city peaceful. Their tower holds fire-based monsters, which usually attack the city every once in awhile.

Jatula: A tower in which is the training place of most acolytes. The great church is built here and priests and acolytes all over the world come here to pray. This tower holds undead/dark-based monsters. Some rumors say that the high priest of the church has been up to no good, but no evidence has been found yet.

Theisala: The largest tower found throughout the sea. Travelers everywhere come here for trade or just to have a good time. The tower's government is the most powerful of all the major cities or Perisha, and holds many different types of monsters in its tower, some managed to be tamed to ride or be used for the military. Their cave is far from the city, so no one knows how dangerous these monsters can be.

Perithalo: The city with a popular arena where slayers risk their lives to fight powerful monsters obtained from faraway towers. The best of the best come here to earn a living in the arena, or die trying.

Jashu: Largest trading center for merchants. The tower is heavily armed due to many attacks from Sky Pirates. Security is always tight here, so it's cautioned that travelers don't get in trouble with this city's government. The Kalitzer Prison is a large dungeon that separates men and women who have committed large crimes. Some say that some of the prisoners are used as experiments for something... But what...?

Lasuro: A village that studies the history of the land years before the incident. Their beer has a very unique taste to it, and some travelers come here to sample it.
Tasatura: Sky pirates roam this tower area. It's also the birthplace to the most notorious of sky pirates.
Warat: It seems to be a deserted tower... But whoever goes there disappears... The women do at least...
Currency - Zeny(z)
If you had under 10,000z, you are counted as poor. If you are over 5,000,000z, you are middle classed. If you are over 50,000,000z, you are considered rich.
Apple: 500z
Beer: 1000z
Wine: 2500z
Traveling by Ship prices. 10,000 - 30,000z depending on the destination.
Dragon Rental: 100,000z

(Note: If you are going to make a custom tower village of your own, please make it have some use within the story.)


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