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 RP format.

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RP Regular

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PostSubject: RP format.   Wed Feb 18, 2009 1:11 pm

What's allowed and whats not when you rp:
Script RP
Quote :
???: *Runs and kills* MWAHAHAHAHA!
This action is too quick, no description of the attack, or who they are attacking.
Overusing the caps in sentences is not allowed. (You can use it like:
Quote :
Asami: Hey wait... WHAT?
But you can't write your conversation all in caps.)
Writing sentences in caps is rude and also not necessary.
Quote :
Aria: *Sits at a table at the far back of the bar, and looks over at the waitress as she walks up to her* Wine please... *She watches as the waitress nods as she walks away. She then returns with a glass and a bottle of wine and leaves it on the table. She again leaves, but this time, smiling at Aria.]
Aria: ... (I must say, she was quite cute...)
The character wrote a complete description about what was going on and what she was doing.

Dialogue RP
Quote :
He killed her. "MWAHAHAHAHAHA! WAHT NAO BIATCH?!?" he laughed.
Again, no sentences in all caps. Rude and not necessary. And again, "her" doesn't describe who exactly and how.

Quote :
Aria had hoped to find the dolphins around the tower here in Lazista. She sighed, "wrong again..." She wondered how she would go to the land of Paradise, right now she was beginning to doubt she'll ever find it. It's just not fair...
She used the quotations properly. She used italics when in thought.

When doing script RP, please do the following:
When thinking, use ()
When making an action, or interacting with others, use **

When you are doing dialogue RP, please do the following:
When thinking, use bars [ ]
When speaking, use "quotation marks"
When thinking, or adding some sound effect like BOOM! use italics.
Quote :
Aria turned and a thought quickly ran through her mind, Intruders?!

Also, be sure to check your spelling and/or grammer so that the other members can understand what you're saying. So long as you're semi-literate, it's fine.

Please follow these rules and we'll get along just fine.

- Asami


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RP format.
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