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 Lyzander Fellhart

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PostSubject: Lyzander Fellhart   Tue May 05, 2009 7:50 pm

Name: Lyzander Fellhart

race Druchii

Age: 562

Gender: male

Job: pirate (because only cowards take the sky!)

Personality: cold Lyzander shows no affection for anything but the warm spray of fresh blood on his armor and face in the chilled sea breezes, he was taught to feel no pain or weaknesses or warmth.

sinister Lyzander killed both his father and his brothers because they were in his way of becoming a retainer for the witch king, now if he marches into battle with his army, his three most elite units bear their skins as battle standards.

blood hungry Lyzander being a Vaulkar, or druchii noble, has seen family and ememy alike fall on the battle field all in a heart renching display of blood spray and oozing ichor, and he's grown attatched to the scent of death, so much that he longs for it.

Likes: booty Lyzander is amongst many other things, greedy and will do anything for money. Wether it be a minor mugging to gathering an army to a full pillage.

battle Like all druchii he was raised to be a warrior but he showed a great love for the act of murder that some would say he's the avatar reincarnation of khain, he god of murder.

booze The mixture of blood and strong wine is repulsive to any other mind than a druchii, but wine is too fruffy for lyzander, he prefers the much harder ales infused with pure, clean, freshly wrung blood. 

Dislikes: shivalryamongst just about every thing living Lyzander hates one thing more than anyhing, when it comes to a fight any druchii will fight dirty if it means they can win and spill blood onto their hands. the idea of letting someone take the first strike is wrong, getting in first is the way to win.

Biography: the early years When Lyzander was first taught to wield a blade he cut down the rest of his fellow students, and murder not being looked down upon in druchii civilization, he was sent to Malekith, to be trained as a black gaurd. He spent the rest of his childhood fighting and working with squad tactics. Him and his regiment were never defeated when it came to the Sa'an'ishar or the right of sword and shield, small tournaments held to prove who was most worthy. His lust for battle and the spray of blood even before he took up armor as a soldier they reckomended that he be trained under the shadow of Lokhir fellheart, a great corsair that was highly appointed and respected by the council of thorns. this lead him to greater things, as far as aquirng his own black ark.

the story truely begins... As his training continued Lyzander took up the name fellheart and became not only an apprentice to Lokhir, but a son. This didnt change much other than his last name, but the fear and respect that gained him was a good improvement. He soon was old enough to dawn his Khietan, a three layer suit of padded skins, chain mail and a breast plate, and skin his own Nauglir for the scaly hide. Corsais and nobles alike use this thick hide as a protective cloak. With these newly dawned items he was sent into battle against the remaining Courva where he proved himself a maliable opponent to any force. Though when Lyzander reached a certain age, Lokhir could teach him no more, and took up two new apprentisized 'sons'. Lyzander thriving for the attention of Lokhir, challenged him to prove he was superior, and killed the mighty pirate, and took his apprentises with him.

and here we are... bearing the skins of the only one who ever meant anything to him as a battle standard, he returned to Malekith with the news and awaited his next assignment. the witch king seemed unfased with the death of his friend and sent Lyzander out to investigte the other towers, though the king challenged him, to bring him five artifacts or items of power without his army, he felt it was his obligation to do so, and set off with a sailing crew and a minor raiding party to help him fend off the beasts of he seas.

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Lyzander Fellhart
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