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PostSubject: Druchii   Tue May 05, 2009 6:34 pm

Race Name: Druchii Drew-Keye
Race Age: around 885 years
Race Life Expectancy:1200-2000 years
Race Status: The druchii fell dormant from the rest of the world for generations and now the thriving cities are dispatching armies to claim all the towers in the name of malekith, the witch king.
Race Overview: Druchii have very pointed features and almond shaped eyes that are usualy dark browns and even blacks but the rare, Vauvalka or shadow casters have light greys or purples. their hair grows quickly and is almost forced to be put into topknots or braids for battle, their hair never ranges out of blacks and dark greys even with old age.
Race Specialties:The druchii specialize in maritime warfare, but when it comes to raids they excell in using both hands, wether it be large swords or two of them.
Race Weaknesses and drawbacks: The druchii are blood thirsty and can never turn down a challenge whether their fall is imminant and can be pulled into well planned ambushes.
Overall alliance: Druchii hardly trust each other and would never fall to the weakness of forming an alliance.
Race History:The Druchii and courva were once one allied race under the pheonix king, then between the two sons and princes of their lands, Marathii was chosen to walk through the pheonix flame and clame the crown, but Malekith felt he was more worthy and plunged himself into the fire, burning himself alive his servants pulled him out and took all of the Autarii who believed that he was the proper king took the remains of Malekith and had them melded into a suit of rune enscribed armor, giving him second life.
Marathii still claimed the crown, and Malekith declared war upon The courva and cut down their king, then with no remaining heirs the land was cast into darkness as the Druchii converted the remaining Courva leaving none to oppose him. He was the unapposed for 885 years until the towers arose, and the greedy witch king sought the power, sending his entire army out to claim them and bring what powers they held back to him.[/b]
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