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 Kerdlez {incomplete}

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PostSubject: Kerdlez {incomplete}   Fri May 01, 2009 1:39 pm

Race Name: Kerdlez
Race Age:
Race Life Expectancy: Around 200 - 300 years
Race Status: They arenít seen much out of Jatula ,even then theyíre still fairly uncommon
Race Overview: The Kerdlez tend to keep to themselves. They donít like physical contact, as they believe, highly, that touch is for those who are life mates. They have dark skin and bright eyes. Eye colors are normally green, magenta, pink, orange, or blue. Skin tones can range from a light brown to a dark blue to even grey. Their hair color is usually pretty light. Most often orange or blonde. They have a special mark on their body, but due to their skin tones it is often very hard to find. They are, overall, a kind race that opens their homes to strangers in need. The elders of this race are usually wise, but too busy training young ones to be of any help. Their culture is very stubborn and doesnít yield to change often. Personality wise, the women tend to be more aggressive than the males, they also are stronger physically than the males of their race, however, they also have a sense of gullibility about them. The men on the other hand are stronger with healing magic and intelligence. It is also very hard to earn a male Kerdlezís trust. The men were, at first, the dragon tamers of this group. Only dragon tamers have the power of fire magic in this group, and it is very rare at that.
Race Specialties: Light magic, fire magic, acolytes, dragon taming
Race Weaknesses and drawbacks:dark they can only see a couple feet in front of them, have a natural disdain for dark magic, need a substantial amount of sunlight every 48 hours or they grow weak or ill, due to this condition, they were little clothing. They men usually were short or man skirts while the women were basically a two piece bikini sometimes with a see through skirt
Overall alliance: Fairly neutral. Acolytes tend to heal the injured, no matter what side.
Race History: Not too long after the founding of Jatula, the citizens started to study both light and dark magic. At first they lived together, but due to conflict in beliefs, the citizens of Jatula split the city in half. The side studying dark magic dabbled so far into the art, that the magic corrupted them and became a part of them. After years of study, the dark acolytes found a way to become undead. Fearing the sanctity of the race the light acolytes fought the dark acolytes and drove them down into the tower and fully claimed the city. After many years of living in the sun, the light acolytes adapted to the sunshine. They learned how to heal injured using the sunís power instead of their own. They also managed to harness the power of the sun to tame dragons. In time the Kerdlez forgot about the dark ones known as the Zeldrek. They went on through their lives only knowing the Zeldrek as myths and legends.
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Kerdlez {incomplete}
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