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 Soluna Chiaki {temp. Complete}

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PostSubject: Soluna Chiaki {temp. Complete}   Fri May 01, 2009 1:33 pm

Name: Soluna Chiaki
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Job: Merchant
Personality: slightly odd, flirtatious, stubborn, usually in control of herself, carefree, free-spirit
Likes: apples, flirting, flying
Dislikes: being in one place for too long, people talking for a long time, people she finds annoying
Biography: Soluna lived with her grandparents most of her life. Her grandfather was a slayer, so they traveled alot. Soluna always loved the different towers she got to visit. When her grandfather died Soluna had to live with her parents. They were hardworking and respectable, however, Soluna preffered the life of travel and adventure. So when she was 18 she went back to her grandmother. Her grandmother gave her the dragon they had flown on since she was little. The dragon didn't like Soluna much so it took alittle while before she could finally leave Jatula. At the age of 19, she became a merchant.
Description/Picture: ((I'll find a pic later but until then,))
She has bright orange eyes that burn like fire when she's mad and gleam like the sun when she's happy. She has hair that hangs past her shoulders that is as orange as her eyes. Her skin is a dark tan. She wears a cloth wrapped over her breasts and a bikini bottom with a see through-ish cloth over her waist and thighs. She has a sun symbol on her back with a dark crescent on one side. Her right arm is always bandaged to hide her scars.
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Soluna Chiaki {temp. Complete}
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