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PostSubject: Arzian   Fri May 01, 2009 12:37 pm

Race Name: Arzian

Race Age:Arrived in Perisha 650 years ago

Race Life Expectancy: 300-350 years depending on power of light magic.

Race Status: The Arzian are thriving but still rarely out of their homeland.

Race Overview: Normally bright skin with light colored hair and eyes. They have long pointed like ears. They are considered beautiful by other races. They don't like any other skills other than light magic users. They are very peaceful and kind to eachother. Like to be secluded and are all about tradition and nature.

Race Specailties: The Arzian are amazing with light magic and tend to be acolytes. Due to their fast reflexes and how they are very agile, they can be very good at archery and hand-to-hand combat. People of their own race that practice anything other than light magic are usually rejected by the rest of the race.

Race Weaknesses and Drawbacks: The Arzian are always in the sunlight or artificial light so they are much less skilled when in the dark. They are mostly secluded from others races so they don't get along with other races at first. Their ears are also a bad weakness. Teir ears are attached to the brain by bones so if you pull or break theirs ears hard enough, it will kill them.

Overall Alliance: The Arzian are respected by all alliances, but doesn't belong to any. So they are neutral.

Race History: The Arzian's ancestors first came to Perisha many years before the storm from an unknown land. They have always had talents with light magic and used it for the good of the people. Then one day, when the Arzian were celebrating their 100th year anniversary in Perisha, they were attacked by an unknown force. Even to this day they don't know what attacked them, but they were powerful. After the attack finally ended, only a fraction of the race still lived. They secluded themselves from the rest of civilization in fear of another great massacre of their people. The rest of Perisha thought they were extinct not knowing that the last survivors were just hidin. Then day the great storm came and destroyed Perisha. Thats when they appeared from seclusion to live on a small tower they called Arzigna, meaning Peace. On this tower, nature thrived and the sun seemed to be always shining on it. Other races never explored it though for fear of what may be on it. A human decided to explore the island and found that the Arzian inhabited it. When the other races found out who it was that lived on this tower, they were suprised to see that the supposedly dead race was actually thriving on their own little tower. Some tried to make alliances with this light adept race, but the Arzian refused all of them, still with the knowledge of their races near extinction. Hardly anyone gets the chance to go their. Usually acolytes of other races are the only ones to be invited by the Arzian themselves. When anyone goes to Arzigna, they find it hard to leave. The tower was filled with elegent houses and vibrant colored gardens with the most amazing trees and plants. The sun is always out during the day and has only a few animals, that are all kind and unique. It is said that people find most of the other towers dull and ugly after being at Arzigna. But inside the tower there is some of the most horrible and ugliest monsters. The few Arzians that have decided in a different skill than using light magic are completely rejected. The most famous family that doesn't do light majic is the Shardon family. The Shardon family has been practicing archery and hand-to-hand combat since before the great storm that destroyed Perisha.
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PostSubject: Re: Arzian   Fri May 01, 2009 5:21 pm

Oi oi oi oi. No.

Misami is in charge of this. You're in charge of characters as of now. All mods are.
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