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PostSubject: Zeldrek{incompleat}   Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:32 am

Race Name: Zeldrek

Race Age:

Race Life Expectancy: 200-210 years

Race Status: Thriveing yet rarely seen out of there civalization

Race Overview: Usualy pale skin, black eyes, evryone of this race has a mark on there body special to them but recognizable as a racial mark. Sensitive to light and they don't like light magic because they feel thretened by it. Althogh peacefull they enjoy compatition. Because they like to compeat, gambleing became populer. So the Zeldrek have become natural gamblers.

Race Specialties: Because of their origen, the Zeldrek specialize in dark magic. Also because they have acses to many difrent types of meatal, they have forged many wepons used for close combat.

Race Weaknesses and drawbacks: Due to there origens ,the Zeldrec have a great dislike for light magic. Also because they live underground, they lack the wood needed to make bows and arows, the trade with other races, and have a sesativaty to light which hinders acuacy, they have never been able to learn how to use bows.

Overall alliance: Considered un-natural by the rest of the races. Thay have a dark culture and have been branded evil although the overall race is a peacefull one. They have no real alience due to racial exile.

Race History: Not to long after the founding of Jatula, the citacens started to study both light and dark magic. At first they lived together, but due to conflict in belefs, the citacens of Jatula split the city in half. The side studting dark magic dabled so far into the art, that the magic curupted them and became a part of them. After years of study, the dark acolites found a way to become undead. Thretened by the power, the light acolites foght the dark acolites and drove them down into the tower and fully claimed the city. After many years of liveing underground, the dark acolites adapted to the darkness of the underground and learned how to drive off the true undead creatures within the tower. As the acolites progresed, they lost most of their power and their most their undead liniege and decided to name themselves the Zeldrek. The original acolites lived for hundreds of years before loosing their imortality and roting even as they still lived. In the blood line of the more curupt founders, there is a condition called Necrolethia (details later). The race still lives there, now peacefull to win back the favor of the other races, thriveing, and redy to be acepted.
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