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 Aria Etara {UNOFFICIAL}

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Name: Aria Etara
Age: 19
Job: Slayer (Archer)

PostSubject: Aria Etara {UNOFFICIAL}   Tue Feb 17, 2009 8:46 pm

Name:Etara, Aria (AKA: Lady Angel amongst the cities)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Hybrid (Fox)(Unofficial)
Job: Archer
Job Rank: (Yet to be made)
Personality: Aria is the kind not to mess with when she is doing business, and she isn't the type to let others rush in without a plan.
History/Biography: Born on the city tower Moltar, she is disowned for becoming a Slayer instead of a Merchant, Arica travels to different towers helping others, and is often known as Moltar's "Angel of Fire" for her constant assistance and habit of her famous "phoenix shot" in many tower locations. She likes to hang out at bars to relax and have a drink.

Picture or Description:

Her hair is black is somewhat longer, down to the wrist of the right hand.
Along with the picture, she wears a black, buttoned, long-sleeve shirt over her undershirt, and a black skirt(Schoolgirl outfit? I think not). She carries her bow and quiver on her back along with her small rucksack.
[And also, she has a small, cute, purple butterfly tattoo on the left side of her right-- *Gets smacked by KR before I say anything else*]
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