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 Hybrids (Half-Beasts)

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PostSubject: Hybrids (Half-Beasts)   Tue Apr 28, 2009 4:31 pm

Race Name Hybrids (Half-Beasts)

Race Age: Is is unknown, it is said that they were born along with nature itself.

Race Life Expectancy: It is difficult to say. Some of breed's life expectancies would go as long as a humans, some, like the fox and cat hybrids, can live up to 180 years.

Race Status: A well known race, but isn't as common as the human population. Usually found within parts of Theisala, Moltar, and Perithalo.

Race Overview: Hybrids are animal-based creatures with human-like characteristics, some would look like humans, only with animal ears and tail(usually, amongst the females; some males have this characteristic as well.) and others large beastly figures like a tiger or a lion(Most larger hybrids are usually male).

Race Specialties:The race is somewhat has a balanced way of combat. Their kind have a tradition of hand-to-hand combat, but when in a battle or war Hybrids would prefer fighting with spears, axes, or swords. Some even use bow and arrows or crossbows. They were the first to be able to infuse weapons and arrows with elemental attributes, .

Race Weaknesses and drawbacks: Hybrids do not use magic whatsoever, however, they usually have their weapons fused with an element, making their kind well-known for making element-infused weapons.

Overall alliance: Hybrids are preferably neutral, but it can be different throughout the land, based on how they are treated.

Race History:

The Hybrids were prideful but very strong and agile creatures, breeds ranged from canines, to felines, to bears. Their small communities lived in the coasts of the Perisha continent, usually coasts closer to forested areas, their kind were always 'one with nature.' Often, the Hybrids were able to tame monsters in Perisha, usually ones of their own kind. (Panthers, Wolves, Foxes) Some even tame falcons for archery purposes.

Since Perisha was a large continent to be in, the Hybrids were not known as well as they do now, and it was rare to see them in cities. When the storms came and Perisha had collapsed, the race had already spotted the dangers from the coasts and managed to sail away before any greater destruction could affect their kind. They had managed to arrive in early Moltar, where they, along with humans, began to create a peaceful town with a great sense of justice.

When Hybrids were introduced to magic, they were frightened by how powerful it could be, and feared if they were to use this, it would hinder their training as melee combatants, and they would use magic more instead of fighting with weapons or by hand-to hand, and make them forget to take pride in what they had done best.

Although the Hybrids feared magic, they were the first to discover a technique of fusing elemental material into weapons, armor, and even arrows. The materials, which were elemental crystals, were found commonly in the entrance of all tower's caves (and by some monsters who tended to leave the cave, the stones embedded into their bodies or are inside them).

Once they had successfully infusing fire crystals with a sword -creating a beautiful crafted sword, the blade which burned with a simple touch- their kind became widely known after, some moving into more populated areas like Theisala and Perithalo.

Theisala became a popular city to visit, and many Hybrids migrated to that tower. Some wish to prove their devotion by joining Theisala's government. Others just love the crowded city life, owning inns and taverns. They were one-fifth of Theisala's population.

Once Perithalo became a home for an arena, the stongest and most agile of Hybrids migrated to prove their power against monsters and even the competition themself. Hybrids here are quite common throughout the town, and are the majority of contestants in the Arena. The demand for weapons in Perithalo are high, bringing some of the best Hybrid blacksmiths to sell their elemental-infused weaponry, which is sold at high prices. They were almost three-fourth of Perithalo's population.

Moltar was their homeland after the incident, becoming half of the tower's population, and the other half being human. Many of the citie's milita are Hybrids. They also have a training school for Slayers, and is known worldwide.

Heroes were born at this tower, and many Hybrids had their chance of being one. The most popular of them right now is Aria Etara, a vixen hybrid who is also known as the Towers' Angel. {Details in Aria Etara's profile}

(Will try to make the history more detailed, but for now. I'll leave it like this.)


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Hybrids (Half-Beasts)
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