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 Race Format

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PostSubject: Race Format   Mon Apr 27, 2009 3:13 pm

This forum was made for members who wish to add a race to the RP. This is going to be done the same way as you would create your character:

Start a topic with your races name, fill up the form, and wait for our approval. What we ask for is for everything in the form to be filled, nothing more, nothing less.

The following is required in order to have your race accepted:

Race Name Obvious
Race Age: How long has your race been around? hundreds of years, thousands of years?
Race Life Expectancy: How long does your race normally live? This is yto keep people from going beyond what the race can normally live. No race is immortal
Race Status Thriving, extinct, near extinct, largely populated? Pretty much how is the race status wise
Race Overview: Tell about your race
Race Specialties: What does your race specialize in? magic, weapons, hand to hand, ect ect ect
Race Weaknesses and drawbacks: What is your race weak in? no race is all around perfect
Overall alliance: Overall, what is your race classified as? Good, Evil, or Neutral? Please note there are exceptions to this in all races
Race History: Two paragraphs or 500 words on how your race came about, how they lived, and how they survived, or killed off. This part is important as it gives us the knowledge the mods and admins need to include your race in the storyline. Please do not slack here.

[b]Race Name[/b]
[b]Race Age:[/b]
[b]Race Life Expectancy:[/b]
[b]Race Status[/b]
[b]Race Overview:[/b]
[b]Race Specialties:[/b]
[b]Race Weaknesses and drawbacks:[/b]
[b]Overall alliance:[/b]
[b]Race History:[/b]
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Race Format
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