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PostSubject: Misami{Incomplete}   Sun Mar 08, 2009 6:15 pm

Name: Misami
Nickname: Misa, Sami (Close friends only, very few call her this), Misami-Chan
Gender: Female
Job: Mage {Fire, Healing: As a result of duel elements, the power of her healing spells, and her fire casting are half of someone who specializes on one or the other}

Cute: Misami loves to be cute. Being a child in appearance and maturity, Misami just loves to go around acting cute and innocent. This would be one of the reasons as to why her costume is more of a magical girl outfit then a mage outfit.

Innocent: Misami acts all innocent, and its hard to deny the fact but she really is just an innocent little 6 year old trapped child. Her innocents is defiantly the most distinct thing about Misami’s personality. Her cuteness and innocence combined make her a very easy character to like.

Playful: Very playful indeed. She takes almost nothing seriously, this including her training. She loves to make up games, and make rules for those games on the fly. There is no telling what she will make into a game. It has not been unheard of for Misami to hop on top of an enemy and shout “Giddy up horsey!!” while battling with them.

Annoying: She can be extremely annoying at times. Her playfulness is indeed a huge part of this. She can sometimes want to play at the most inappropriate times. Be it on missions, training, cleaning, working, paperwork. You name it, chances are Misami will try and interrupt you and get you to play. And she doesn’t let up easily either, which leads to her….

Persistence: Misami doesn’t give up easily. She will continually annoy, beg, plead, and continually annoy whoever she wants to until she gets what she desires. The only real way to get Misami to shut up is to give her what she wants, or hurt her feelings. And hurting Misami’s feelings is not something you want to do.

Mischievous:: Misami love to pull pranks. She doesn’t do them everyday or anything, but when she does, it is usually a childish prank. She never tries to pull anything that will get the other person hurt, and has yet to really go too far in her mischief. She does take care to clean up any messes she makes, unless the person she pranks is extremely angry with her.

Loyal: Always there for her friends and comrades. If she feels someone is in need of her help, she will not hesitate to do whatever she can. Misami has a kind and caring heart, one that loves to reach out and touch people in a way that makes them feel better. She can go a little far with this though, being willing to break rules if needed to help someone in dire need. Misami is always someone you can count on when in trouble

Serous???: Its rare, very rare, almost none have seen Misami get serous, and this can only occur when her friends are hurt in some way, or much pointless destruction and pain is inflicted. Misami will never get serous unless it is a matter of protecting those she cares for, or those who are innocent. When this occurs, Misami’s style of accomplishing things does a 180. She only does what is necessary, and all cuteness in her eyes fade away until the job is done. Her fighting style also turns a 180, as she uses her abilities to defend in a more logical manor, but in the process, she may become more predictable as she just did whatever before getting serous.

Easily Hurt:Despite her constantly happiness, if someone tries to, her feelings can easily be hurt. Even as a full fledged mage, she is still treated like a child emotionally, since she is still a child emotionally. When this happens, she cries uncontrollably like most children her age when something doesn’t go her way. This doesn’t happen often, mainly due to how easily it can happen.

Likes: Anything and everything cute o.o
Dislikes: not much
Strengths: Gifted with a rare ability, Misami is one who can naturally attack and heal both. Her abilities focus on defense, but can be used for offense. Dispite her age, she is skilled in both offensive, and defensive tactics.
Biography: The gift of being able to heal and use fire comes at a price. Her power is half that of a normal mage, and that of a normal healer. On top of that, she is still a child, and although gifted for her age, she is still inexperienced in actually being out in the world and traveling. She is also small and light, an east target with low defense.
A young and gifted child, Misami had always grown up with special gifts and abilities. The inept ability to heal has definitely placed Misami above and beyond most people her age. Her skill in healing was always strangely weaker then most who could heal others, but some also wondered if it was due to her lack of experience. It would seem this wasn’t the case as Misami had an inept ability to heal, and those with such abilities are normally stronger then those who study they say.

Healing wasn’t the only thing Misami had going for her. Growing up, Misami also seemed to have a strange control over fire, and manipulating flames. Normally she would play with fire for fun, and for some strange reason never catch anything on fire. If she in fact did, the flame would go out with a wave of her hand. Somehow, Misami was also born with an inept ability to control fire. But just as her skills with healing weren’t up to par, neither was the strength of the fire she manipulated.

Training for fun, Misami got her hands on a staff used by mages, a beginner staff, but a good quality one at that. She spent at least three months training, and in that three months, her skills went up to close to intermediate in such a short time. Although Misami knew she had a long way to go she continued to train. What has been driving her to train some may ask. Nothing at all. In truth, Misami is so innocent, that she trains for the fun of it, not because she has to, or anyone forces her to. As a mage, she uses her innocents to play, and when needed, to defend.


Hair: Misami’s most distinct feature when first encountered would be her long flowing pink hair. The length is relatively long and silky smooth. Its soft textured and well kept as she tries to brush it at least eight times a day. Length wise it reaches halfway down her back.

Eyes: The second thing one would notice would be Misami’s child-like eyes. The fact she appears to be a child bundles these as well. They are a distinct pink in tint, matching the color of her hair almost perfectly. They seem to glitter when happy, and can cause extreme sympathy aiding her in getting what she wants. Only a few people are immune to Misami’s “puppy eyes”

Nose , ears, and mouth: Misami’s nose is small in placed at the perfect spot. Her sense of smell is slightly above the average shinigami in all areas except when it comes to food….which it is much better then the average shinigami. Her ears are nothing special at all either, as they contain the average hearing level of any shinigami, and are not positioned in any abnormal way. Her mouth is usually worn with a warm and pleasant smile. It is usually bundled with her child-like eyes, causing her to look like a cute little angel. She loves to use her facial features to her advantage all the time.

Body: Overall physical, she looks like a ten year old child. She moves like one, talks like one, and acts like one. Even in battle, she fights like one to a point. She of course uses her small stature to her advantage, using the low center of gravity she has greatly to her advantage.


Mage Gown: Her mage gown is dressed in a cutesy manor. Loving to look the way she acts, she has an appearance of some magical girl found in some random anime. Her gown has in the middle a huge pink bow ribbon, with pink and purple lacing all around her body. Her hood was removed from the gown, so it does not include a hood. The bottom is skirted like most. Overall she simply resembles a magical girl in some random anime like said above.

Shoes: Her shoes are made to match her mage gown. They are dressed cutely with a sort of tiny pair of wings on each shoe for design only. Her shoes do not give her the ability in any way to fly. They are just to go with her costume, and nothing more.
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