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 Shishi Kodoro

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PostSubject: Shishi Kodoro   Sun Feb 22, 2009 11:44 am

Name: Shishi Kodoro
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Job: Slayer (Warrior)
Personality: Very Calm, Smart, Quiet(Mostly around ones she doesn't know), Strong, Very Alert of things, Seems cold like things do not effect her (To people that don't know her), Pensive, With people she knows she tries to lighten the mood and act happier, Caring.
*Likes: Strategizing, Researching, Writing, Drawing, Food, Drinks, etc.
*Dislikes: Idiots, Being forced to do things, People who are hyper at the wrong times, People who don't take her seriously because of her age, Being called a kid (That's the only time she gets easily angered).
*Biography: Shishi was born in the village of Lasuro and trained countless days and nights to be a self proclaimed warrior. She is very strong and also always underestimated. She has been forced to raise herself because of the loss of her parents and the rest of her family. She is always alone for the most part drawing, writing, staring into the sky thinking, researching, and even though under aged she likes to go into bar to hang out and drink. Some also believe she has some untapped power.
Picture or Description:

with a white shirt covering and a jacket the same colors, a red necklace like the bracelet, and
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Name: Aria Etara
Age: 19
Job: Slayer (Archer)

PostSubject: Re: Shishi Kodoro   Sun Feb 22, 2009 11:46 am

... Yum. Wow~!


Can I have whip cream with that~?


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Shishi Kodoro
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