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PostSubject: Rules   Tue Feb 17, 2009 7:00 pm

A few basic rules stated below:

1) Respect me, the moderators, and other members on this forum.

2) No spam, I can smack you with a mallet in an instant. (Wanna know how? I just did, and you didn't even know.)

3) Anyone who registers and does NOT RP within a month shall be deleted. This is the only way to keep the forum clean people.

4) A much as I love the idea of a mature RP, PG-13 everyone. No sex, refrain from swearing too much, and no bloody massacres whatsoever.
(Depending on who really wants to do a mature RP I will leave to all of you. Please PM if you really wish for a section to be made.)

5) This is a fantasy type RP. Do not come zooming in with laser guns and alien ships. I will ban your account without mercy.

6) Don't stress! Have fun. There's no reason to stress out on an RP.

7) No double posting. Just edit the one you first posted. Ya?

Members who are to be banned will be given three days to appeal, after that you are banned.

Do NOT make another account to appeal for your old one. I will not only delete your account, I will also ban your IP address as well.


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